What Happened to the content?

I have been running and creating content for the BAWiki website since roughly 2013, most of that time using WordPress. I recently ended up switching hosting providers on short notice and decided at the same time to stop using WordPress. I wanted to learn HTML and CSS and have decided to re-do the site by manually coding it myself as a way to learn.

So for now some of the prior content will be missing for a bit. I'm planning to focus on getting the wiki content up first, then I'll think about the blog.

From a technical perspective the goal is produce a site that is as fast and simple as possible while still looking decent and being easy to read and navigate. I'm going to try and code the site with just HTML and CSS, with no Javascript if I can. I'm planning to add a certificate and change the default connection to https. And I'm also planning to change most diagrams or images to SVG files where possible. All of which should enable the site to be very fast and mobile friendly enough; although the site is still mainly intended to be read on a larger screen. At the moment I am not intending to add any sort of comments back although maybe I'll set up a Slack channel or something similar if there seems to be enough interest.

The site design may change over time as I learn more, so don't be surprised to see changes over time.

Most importantly, the objective the wiki portion remains to provide in-depth coverage of the topic discussed. The wiki is NOT the place for quick overview articles. My goal is to provide not only an overview, but step-by-step instructions, history, context, and additional commentary where I feel appropriate.

If you have any feedback, you can still email me at |admin| at |bawiki.com|, without the pipes and replacing 'at' with the symbol. Thanks for visiting.


Progress Notes

  • 12 August 2019 - All of the major wiki articles have now been re-posted to the site. I left out some placeholder articles that didn't really add anything of value until I can re-write them. Next up I will turn to the blog content.
  • 21 July 2019 - Changed navigation yet again to put all navigation up top and better support full page-width content, and to make navigation more mobile-friendly. Also added more pages back to the wiki. On the privacy front I deleted the Google Analytics account I was using so there should be no more Google tracking on this site.
  • 9 June 2019 - Added a quick blog page with 2 posts because I received an email asking for a specific blog post to be re-added. I also re-added more Wiki pages, including the 'Techniques' overview page. Given that the site is still very much in-progress, feedback of any sort would be welcome!
  • 26 May 2019 - Added 'Wiki Quick-Nav' as a quick navigation option that is responsive-friendly (for now). Also added the following pages back into the wiki: Affinity Diagram; Document Analysis; Stakeholder Onion Diagram; Stakeholder Salience Diagram; V-MOST Analysis
  • 14 May 2019 - Figured out how to center top navigation buttons. Adding Certification page to the wiki as first exploration of some design ideas because it is text heavy and long.
  • 11 May 2019 - Basic site concept with top navigation and side navigation for Wiki page (at least) and implemented. Wiki as new landing page, with About page also in top navigation. Placeholders added to side navigation for the 4 main wiki sections. Site design is responsive with only HTML and CSS.
  • 9 May 2019 - New hosting provider account set up and domain hosting transfer complete.